Our sustainable green-design solutions are eco-friendly, costs saving with numerous benefits to the home and office environment.

(MVG) Modular Vertical Garden

(MVG) Modular Vertical Garden

GreenHive are installers of the Modular Vertical Garden in partnership with local manufacturers Vicinity. Their industry-leading Vertical Gardening product is suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications & comes in various modular sizes.  Easy to install and having a monitored irrigation system, this Living Wall solution takes the hassle and risk out of Vertical Gardening.  

  • Installations offer full plant coverage from day 1.
  • DIY kits Shipped nationwide included in the price.
Mobi Green Roof

Mobi Green Roof

GreenHive offer installation of the MobiRoof, the Green Roof solution.

MobiRoof consists of a system of  54 x 54 x 9 cm sedum cassettes that are simply clicked into each other. Ideal as a green roof, for example for roofs of homes, offices, retail centres and hotels. A roof garden on a large scale offers many environmental benefits.

The additional benefit of this system is that the cassettes can be replaced and offer water retention and drainage for excess water.  The cassettes are pre-grown with different types of plants. This allows for full designing of the plant roof of your choice.

(MVG) Vertical Farms

(MVG) Vertical Farms

GreenHive are installers of the Modular Vertical Farming solution by Vicinity.

Vertical farming allows food to be grown in congested cities, close to consumers. This allows farmers to supply directly to restaurants and other outlets. Greenwalls are ideal for urban farming with up to 80 plants per m2.

Grow your own food.

Fresh, organic, home-grown veggies without chemicals and pesticides. 

  • Higher nutrients
  • Eat fresh food as you cut it
  • Water efficient
  • Do your farming while standing up
  • Keep pets out of your veggies