About GreenHive

How does the irrigation work?

Water collection tanks are hose, or hand filled and once pump is turned on, water is pumped vertically up the wall. Once pressure has reached, drip irrigation line will drip and saturate the first row of plants, and make its way back down to the collection tanks.

How do the plants grow in the living wall?

All of our plants are pre-grown at our nursery in a coco peat/potting mix and delivered in their grow pots to the installation site and hung according to our design.

Do you only have wall-mounted options?

We offer wall mounted and free-standing living walls.

What type of plants can be grown in this living wall?

Philodendron scandeds, schefflera aribricola, money plant, hen and chicken plant, ferns.

Is the size of the system modular?

Yes indeed. Our system is completely modular, allowing us to create many unique designs.

Are the components sold separately?

Yes. All of our components can be purchased separately.

Can I install my living wall myself?

Yes absolutely. Our units are easily assembled with a few simple home tools. Installation manual will also be provided.

Is electricity required?

Yes. You will need an electric point near by in order to power the water pump. This point will have to be in an outdoor waterproof box.

Where does GreenHive courier to?

We courier Nationwide!